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Excel.Net, Inc.                                    October 28, 2008
                               Newsletter #35

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

* New Wireless Service - Next Gen
* Spam Filter Retention
* New Employees - Tim, Andy
* my.excel.net
* Closed Halloween evening

== New Wireless Service - Next Gen ==
Excel.Net is pleased to announce the newest wireless service that we have 
available - Next Gen.  So called for its next generation technology the 
new wireless service allows us to offer you higher speed services to meet 
the increasing demands of the Internet. Faster music downloads, snappy 
surfing, video conferencing and more are all available with this new 
technology!  For additional information about wireless Internet service 
(both standard and Next Gen) please visit:

For our residential and small business customers we offer two plans.  The 
standard plans offers speeds up to 1.5Mbps download and 384Kbps upload.  
Standard service has a monthly cost of just $24.95 plus radio rental.  
This plan is perfect for e-mail, surfing and downloading.  We also offer a 
premium plan with speeds up to 3.0Mbps down and 512Kbps up.  This service 
is just $42.95 per month plus radio rental.  Great for downloading, gaming 
and surfing!  With either plan you will have a connection that makes the 
entire house happy.  Add in a standard or wireless router and you can now 
have multiple computers connected at the same time!

For our commercial/large business customers the Next Gen wireless service 
offers many enhanced services as well.  With typical service speeds 
ranging from 1.5Mbps to 6.0Mbps we are sure to have a plan that meets your 
business needs.  Unlike other services Excel.Net Next Gen is able to 
provide you with the same speeds for both upload and download, something 
critical for hosting your own servers, VPN or VoIP! Need more speed, no 
problem - we can create a custom solution to meet your business needs.  
Please feel free to give us a call and discuss the options available for 
your site!

We currently have four towers that offer this new service and will be 
expanding our coverage going forward.  These towers that we currently have 
up and running are:
    - Rocky Knoll, Plymouth WI - This tower is located next to
      the Rocky Knoll health care facility and right across from
      Road America
    - Sheboygan, North - This tower is located along Highway 43
      near the Kohler Memorial Drive exit.  The tower is on the
      west side of the highway, north of the ramps
    - Kiel, WI - Located on the southern water tower in Kiel
    - New Holstein, WI - Located on the eastern water tower in
      town on "honeymoon hill".

Have Excel.Net's current wireless service and interested in upgrading?  
If you are within the coverage area of the towers mentioned above you may 
be able to get the Next Gen service.  As a special thank you for being a 
current wireless customer we offer you a 50% discount off of the 
installation charges!

So, what are you waiting for? Signup today at
and let your Internet be taken to the Next Gen!

== Spam Filter Retention ==
Spam just seems to keep piling in and never slowing.  We upgrade the spam 
filters on a continual basis and the spammers work on a continual basis to 
find ways around them.  The only problem is that the volume of messages 
being filtered just keeps spiraling up! This consumes an enormous amount 
of storage on our mail servers for "junk" mail that is never being used 
for anything.

The current Excel.Net default is to keep this spam on our servers for 14 
days, although those of you that do not want to filter through all of that 
each time have found the option to lower this.  In fact it can be lowered 
all the way to zero if you are not looking at it and each evening ALL of 
the spam is cleared from your mailbox.

Starting Thursday, October 30th we are going to be making changes 
to the retention policy.  The default number of days for retaining
this on our servers will be going from 14 days to 5 days.  However,
we do realize that some of you may want all that spam so you will
have the ability to go into your spam settings under my.excel.net
and change it up to 10 days maximum.  Additionally, we would ask
you to consider lowering it less than 5 days if you are never
checking it so that it does not consume space on our server.

Spam messages and the settings can be accessed by logging into
your own customizable site at http://my.excel.net/.  Provide your
e-mail address and password to login to the site.  In the middle
of the window will be a section titled "My Control Panel".  Click
on the "E-Mail" tab and then the "Spam Filter" icon.  This will 
launch the Spam Filter window.  Under Filter Preferences on the 
left you can click on "Spam Message Retention" to set the number
of days it will be stored on the server.

== New Employees ==
Excel.Net would like to introduce our latest technical support 
representatives Tim and Andy.  Many of you that have called in for support 
have probably had the opportunity to work with one of them to get your 
problems resolved.

Tim has been working with computers since he was 16.  Repairing them, 
building them, or even doing graphics and design. In his spare time he 
devotes himself to his family. As a side hobby he enjoys customizing cars.

Andy moved to the Sheboygan area about 4 years ago from Milwaukee, and is 
"loving every minute of it". In his free time he enjoys listening to 
music, playing disc golf, and fishing.

We are pleased to have both of these guys helping our customers to get 
their problems resolved and are sure you will enjoy working with them if 
the need arises.

== my.excel.net ==
Just wanted to remind everybody about the customer web site we have 
available at http://my.excel.net/.  You can log into my.excel.net by 
entering your Excel.Net e-mail address into the "E-mail Address" field and 
enter your e-mail password into the "Password" field, then click the 
"Login" button.

It is a customizable home page where you can choose what YOU want to see.  
Headlines from around the globe including top stories, sports, weather, 
entertainment and more!  You control the layout and the content using an 
intuitive web interface!  You can even add your own custom news 
information from your favorite sites if they offer RSS news feeds!

== My Control Panel - Manage your Excel.Net account

my.excel.net provides a control panel customized for your Excel.Net 
account.  From this control panel area (located near the top of the 
window) you can perform these functions:
 	* Pay your bill online
 	* Update your contact information
 	* View your usage information
 	* View e-mail while away from your computer
 	* Setup spam and virus filtering on your mailbox
 	* Manage features of your web site
 	* And much more!

== Closed Halloween Evening ==
We will be closing our offices at 5:00pm on October 31st for Halloween.  
We want to keep out the ghosts and goblins!  We will reopen November 1st 
with regular office hours from 12:00pm - 6:00pm.

Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any comments 
or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us know by 
e-mailing support@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and hope that 
your Internet experience is enjoyable.


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