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Excel.Net, Inc.                                       August 27, 2003
                              Newsletter #33

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

* E-mail Virus Filter Service
* .info Domain Registration
* Credit Cards - American Express & CID
* New Employee - Ryan
* NFL Pickem
* Labor Day

== E-mail Virus Filter Service ==
     Tired of receiving viruses in your e-mail? Viruses are 
everywhere, with new ones being created every day! Are you protected? 
We can block virus-infected e-mail messages before they reach your 
computer! Our new e-mail virus filtering service will scan all of your 
inbound messages and let you know when a message has been 
filtered!  The service is available at the incredibly low fee of just 
$1.00/month!  To signup for the service please visit our web site at:


     You will need to login and then simply activate the service to 
get the protection enabled.  Subscribe today!

== .info Domain Registrations ==
     Excel.Net is pleased to announce that we are now able to 
register domains with the .info extension.  The initial cost to setup 
a domain is $75.00 which includes server setup, e-mail forwarding 
setup and one year of activation.  After that it is simply $25.00
per year to keep the domain active and running on our server.  To get
your domain reserved please visit our web site at:

     Our automated web site will walk you through a few simple steps 
and then take care of getting your name live on the Internet!

== Credit Cards - American Express & CID ==
     Effective immediately Excel.Net will now accept American Express
credit cards for payment of the services we offer.  If you would like
to pay for your account this way simply send admin@excel.net an e-mail
with the card number, expiration date, your name as it appears on the
card and billing address if different from the address provided when
you signed up for the service.   If you prefer, give our office a call
with the information.
    Just a reminder to those of you paying by Discover that we need 
additional information from you to continue processing your payments.
Due to a recent change in Discover's requirements for payment 
processing, we are now required to submit the 'Card Identification 
Data (CID)' for all Discover payments. The CID is the 3-digit number in
the signature panel area on the back of the your Discover card (the 
last 3 digits AFTER the credit card number). To see an image showing 
the CID go to the following page: 


Again this information needs to be mailed to admin@excel.net or called
into the office.  Thanks for your assistance with this!

== New Employee - Ryan ==
	Excel.Net would like to introduce our latest technical support
representative Ryan.  Ryan "grew up" in the small city of Manitowoc
and dreams someday of moving to the big city.  An avid musician, Ryan
plays bass, drums and guitar.  Ryan has been in a few rock bands and is
known for his wild antics while performing.  Ryan also enjoys digital
recording in his studio.  His favorite quote: "only the dead have seen
the end of war." - Plato

== NFL Pickem ==
     Once again Excel.Net will be hosting the weekly NFL Pickem game.  
This is your chance to show off your prognostication skills and
compete against other football fans.  Each week you pick the teams 
that you believe will win and then as a tiebreaker the total score 
for the Monday night game.  You are also allowed to drop your one 
lowest score for the final standings.  This is open to anyone that is
interested in participating.  Last year we had over 200 players
competing for the top spot.  The address for this is:


where your first step will be to create an account.  We look
forward to seeing you in the game.  Good luck!

== Labor Day ==
     Excel.Net offices will be closed on Monday, September 1st so that
our employees are able to enjoy the holiday.  You will be able to
use the Internet of course.  If you need to contact us, either send
an e-mail to techsupport@excel.net or leave a voice message and a
technical support representative will contact you on Tuesday.  
Enjoy the holiday!

     Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have
any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free
to let us know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate
your business and hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.

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