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Excel.Net, Inc.                                         May 23, 2003
                              Newsletter #32

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

* New Wireless Locations
* New Spam Filter Website
* Domain Renewal Policy Change
* System Maintenance Window Change
* Tip: Why does some of the e-mail I receive look like it's coming from me?
* Memorial Day

-----NEW WIRELESS LOCATIONS------------------------------------------
        In response to the feedback we have received from our
customers, Excel.Net has expanded its wireless coverage area.  The new
services areas are:

  - Plymouth, downtown
  - Road America area

To view a complete map of our wireless Internet coverage areas
and tower locations, as well as additional information about
our wireless service, and to sign up, go to this web page:


     When you sign up, our wireless scheduling team will contact
you and set up a time for our professional installation crew to
visit your location!

     We are continuing to look at additional locations for
coverage and will announce the new areas as they become available.  
If you are interested in wireless Internet, but there is not
coverage in your area, please fill out the form below to help us
determine areas where the most interest exists.  You are under no
obligation by filling out the form.


-----NEW SPAM FILTER WEBSITE-----------------------------------------
     The Excel.Net spam filter website has been updated!  New
features include:

  - Ability to adjust filter sensitivity (block more spam or block
fewer legitimate messages, etc)

  - Ability to clear your entire Spam Mailbox in one shot instead of
a page at a time

  - Set how long you want blocked messages to stay in your Spam
Mailbox before they're automatically deleted

...plus more!

     Not familiar with our spam filter service?  Want to stop junk
e-mail messages from invading your mailbox?  Read all about our
FREE spam filtering service and enable it for your account by 
going to our Spam Filter web site at this address:


     You can also reach our spam filter web site by clicking 
'Tools' on our main web site, then 'Spam Filter'.     

-----DOMAIN RENEWAL POLICY CHANGE------------------------------------
     If you have a domain name with Excel.Net and we bill you 
for it, please be aware of the following change regarding domain

     Domains which we bill you for that are about to expire will
now be automatically renewed for another year, unless you
specifically tell us not to renew the domain.

     The domain renewal charge will appear on your Excel.Net bill
as usual.

     If you no longer want your domain, you must contact us either
by phone or by email (admin@excel.net) and let us know.  If we do not
hear from you, your domain will be renewed for another year and
you'll be charged the renewal fee.

     Our system maintenance window (the time we do intrusive
system/network maintenance) window is changing.

     The new maintenance window time is: every Sunday, 2am - 6am.

     We will perform standard system maintenance every Sunday morning
as needed.  If you experience problems with your Internet service
during one of these maintenance windows, this may be the cause.

-----Tip: Why does some e-mail I receive look like I sent it?------
     Have you ever received a message that looked like it came from
you, even though you know you never sent it?  Some spammers use this
kind of "email address spoofing" to conceal the true source of their
spam messages.

     Here's an article that helps explain the phenomenon in detail:


-----MEMORIAL DAY----------------------------------------------------
     Excel.Net offices will be closed on Monday, May 26 so that all
of our employees are able to enjoy the holiday.  You will be able to
use the Internet of course.  If you need to contact us, either send
an e-mail to techsupport@excel.net or leave a voice message and a
technical support representative will contact you on Tuesday.  
Enjoy the holiday!

     Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have
any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free
to let us know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate
your business and hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.

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