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Excel.Net, Inc.						January 29, 2002
			      Newsletter #30

This newsletter contains information on the following topics:

1. Wireless Update
2. Job Opening
3. Maintenance Window
4. New Employees
5. Poll Suggestions

1. WIRELESS UPDATE - Due to the overwhelming response to the wireless
Internet access service we have hired an additional install team.  
You will see these guys driving around in white and red Excel.Net 
vans, connecting customers to our wireless network.  In the very
near future we will be adding an additional site in Sheboygan on top
of the Firstar building.  This will allow us to more fully cover the 
city of Sheboygan.  We are looking at additional locations as well and 
will keep everybody posted as they become available.  If you are in the 
coverage area and interested in getting the service, fill out the online 
signup form at:


We will setup an installation time for you in the very near future.
Our wireless install scheduler works Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.
Please provide a number where you can be reached during those hours to
help with setting up your install time.

2. JOB OPENING - Excel.Net is looking to increase its technical
support representative staff.  The opening will be Monday through 
Friday from 5pm-10pm (25 hours). If you are interested in working 
for our company, there are additional details and an online application 
form at:


We will be setting up interviews immediately and hope to have the new 
position filled by early next week.  Please include times that you would 
be available for an interview in the "additional comments" section of 
the online application.

3. MAINTENANCE WINDOW - As the complexity and number of systems in our
network continues to expand we need to make sure that the latest patches
and updates are installed.  This ensures the greatest reliability and
performance for our customers.  In order to minimize impact on most of 
our customers, we will try to perform these updates Monday mornings 
between 2am and 5am.  We do not feel it would be a good idea to 
repeatedly send out e-mail messages about these updates.  We will 
therefore have a new area on the web site under the System Info tab that
will have all maintenance related messages.  Updates that take place 
outside of this window will still be communicated to our customers via 

4. NEW EMPLOYEES - Excel.Net continues to expand our staff.  We have a
number of new employees that we would like to introduce:

Also known as "that guy that is on the computer all the time" currently 
works at Excel.Net as a technical support representative. He spends his 
time there combating the threats of incorrect modem settings.  Sam's 
strength lies in his ability to consume large amounts of coffee. He 
hopes to someday complete the Computer Information Systems Network 
Specialist program at Lakeshore Technical College (and have his own 

Bob is another of Excel.Nets technical support representatives.  He 
has lived in Sheboygan most of his life and has been playing with 
computers for 20+ years!  When he is away from the phone he enjoys 
computers (of course), Metallica, frisbee golf and NFL football.

Ryan grew up in Elkhart Lake and now lives in Plymouth.  You will find 
Ryan installing the Excel.Net wireless service at customers locations.  
He can be seen up on the roof working on the antenna positioning and 
mounting.  Ryan has a lovely wife of 4 years, Candice. Hobbies are riding
motorcycles, and watching auto and motorcycle racing.

Another of the wireless installers Dennis too can be found climbing
around on customers' roofs.  Dennis is a native of Swartz Creek, MI,
moved to WI in 1996 after 4 years in active duty Marines as a radio
operator.  He participated in OPERATION RESTORE HOPE: Mogadishu,
Somalia.  Prior to Excel.Net he was working as a contractor for a cable
company doing installations. When he is not working, he likes to hang
out with friends, listen to music and play flight simulators.

Not to be confused with our System Administrator, Jason is the final 
person in the wireless install teams.  He lived in Green Bay for the
past six years prior to moving to Sheboygan in September.  He attended 
NWTC for computer classes.  He has a three year old daughter that 
occupies his time away from the office.

5.  POLL SUGGESTIONS - If anybody has poll ideas for Excel.Net's home
page, please send suggestions to webdesign@excel.net along with the
desired set of possible answers.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you
have any comments or suggestions for future newsletters please
feel free to let us know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We
appreciate your business and hope that your Internet experience is

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