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Excel.Net, Inc.						    March 21, 2000
			      Newsletter #27

1.  EXPANSION/UPGRADE - We are very excited to announce some major
upgrades to our service and network.  

	First, we have added many new local calling areas, extending our
reach to most of southeastern Wisconsin!  We have added the following
areas to our service:

	Beaver Dam	920-356-1607
	Burlington	262-767-8907
	Genoa City	262-279-2407
	Hartford	262-670-4807
	Hubertus	262-628-5307
	Jefferson	920-674-0207
	Kenosha		262-942-4897
	Mayville	920-387-1507
	Milwaukee	414-223-5608
	Oconomowoc	262-635-3808
	Port Washington	262-268-8607
	Racine		262-635-3808
	Watertown	920-206-7407
	West Bend	262-306-3407
	Whitewater	262-472-0307
	Williams Bay	262-245-8807

	Due to the large number of areas that we now provide local service
to, our Services web page, located here:

...will be given a bit of a makeover.  We'll be adding a form that will
allow you or others interested in Excel.Net a way to find out if we have a
local number for you to dial in to.  This will replace the list of
prefixes currently on our page.

	We encourage you to let your friends and family know about our
expansion to their cities.  To help we've increased our referral credit
to $10 for new accounts in our new areas!  Make sure the new customers
give us your name, to make sure you receive your $10 credit.  The
increased referral credit is good through May, so act fast!

	The second portion of our expansion and upgrade will be a LARGE
increase to our bandwidth.  We will be nearly tripling our capacity to the
rest of the world, insuring that your Internet travels will be as
fast and as smooth as possible, even during peak times!

	Next, we will be doing some upgrades and configuration changes to
our Plymouth, New Holstein and Random Lake areas. This will take place
this evening (the 21st) at approximately 11:30pm.  This will cause anyone
who is connected at the time of the upgrades to be disconnected as our
hardware will need to be rebooted.  Rebooting takes less than a minute, so
you'll be able to get back online in no time.  We'll also be doubling the
bandwidth in these areas Wednesday morning (the 22nd) to boot!

	And last, but not least...we will be moving our Sheboygan,
Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Newburg and Jackson modem servers to Milwaukee.
Connections made to those cities will be routed to our Milwaukee
"mega-pool" of modem servers (which will include over 500 dial-in lines!).  
This will all be done invisibly and will not require you to change your
software or dial different numbers to connect (in fact, we've already
moved our Manitowoc, Newburg and Jackson servers to Milwaukee...bet you
didn't notice!).  Also, there will be no need to worry about being charged
long-distance due to your calls being sent to Milwaukee.  It's still a
local call to make a connection!

	This "consolidation" of modem servers allows us to maximize our
modem and line availability, meaning more available lines for you to dial
into!  It'll also allow us to add more lines more quickly, to make sure
that your connections are "busy-free".

	We will be moving our Fond du Lac servers to Milwaukee on
Wednesday morning (the 22nd).  There will be no downtime for Fond du Lac,
as it's simply a matter of our phone company re-routing new connections to
our Milwaukee servers.  Fond du Lac customers online during the re-route
will probably be disconnected, but will be able to dial right back in.

	Sheboygan will be the most significant move, as we will be moving
not only the modems servers, but our authentication/mail/web/dns/ftp
servers as well.  This will, in fact, affect everyone, preventing people
dialing into any city from getting connected (because our authentication
servers will be offline during the move).  Sheboygan customers will
probably get busy signals when attempting to dial in.  Also, people who
are already online in our other cities during the Sheboygan move will not
be able to send/receive email.  Web access may also be slow.

	The Sheboygan move will be done on Thursday morning (the 23rd).
It will begin at around 3am and should be finished around 6am...but,
things happen, so bare with us if it seems to be taking longer.

	We are also in the process of installing a very large UPS
(Uninterruptible Power Source) which will protect all of the equipment
from power loss.  This will be able to run all of our equipment in
Milwaukee for a couple of hours and will have a backup generator feed
which will allow us to run indefinitely as long as we can get fuel.  Once
the installation of this is complete we will send out an additional
notice, as we will have to move the equipment over to the protected
outlets, which will require a little bit of downtime.

2.  NEW EMPLOYEES - We have four new people handling technical support and
would like to introduce them.  They have been with us for some about 3
months now, and we are pleased to have all of them as part of the staff.  
They are:

David #1 (DJ): I attend Cedar Grove-Belgium High School in the mornings,
and then I am a technical support representative at night. I enjoy
computer games, golf, hockey, and anything that is fun. I hope to attend
UW-Milwaukee next fall to start on my Computer Engineering degree.

Laura: Since moving to Wisconsin in 1991, Laura, her husband J.D., their
three children and two dogs have been enjoying the Wisconsin winters
(although she would like to see more snow). She also enjoys playing
backgammon on the Internet, reading and music. Other hobbies include
cycling, hiking and football.

Matt: Matt is currently attending LTC's networking technician program as a
full-time student. He was born in Milwaukee but moved to Sheboygan,
graduating from Sheboygan North 2 years ago. When he's not busy with
school or work he enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching
professional wrestling, playing games, reading sci-fi, and listening to a
wide variety of music.

David #2: David grew up in Sheboygan, attended UW-Milwaukee where he
studied comparative religions, and has been trying to help people in
various ways since.  He enjoys amateur game programming in his free time.

3.  ADDITIONAL LINES - Additional lines were previously added to the
Plymouth location bringing the total lines available to 216!  The changes
noted above will create a pool of 502 modems in Milwaukee for people to
dial into, and our ISDN dialup pool has been increased to 46 lines!  We
will continue monitoring all locations and add additional lines as they
are needed.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.

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