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Excel.Net, Inc.						    November 8, 1999
			      Newsletter #25

1.  JOB OPENINGS - With our continued growth, Excel.Net is seeking three
technical support openings.  The job will involve telephone technical
support as well as other office duties.  The three openings are M-F
8am-1pm, M-F 1pm-6pm and M-Th 6pm-10pm/Saturday 12pm-6pm.  If you are
interested in additional details as well as an online application please
check out:
If you are interested please hurry.  We will only be accepting
applications through the end of the week (November 13th) and will be
scheduling interviews immediately after that.

2.  BANDWIDTH - Due to increased activity on our network, Excel.Net has
increased the speed of the connections that we have for our customers.  
We have converted the Sheboygan location from a T1 to a 2MB ethernet
connection, which will provide us with a large amount of additional
capacity.  In addition to this we have added another T1 in both of our
Fond du Lac and Appleton locations!  This upgrade took place on Friday,
October 29th and during that time there may have been a slowdown of the
service. We perform daily monitoring of all links and will continue to
upgrade the system as needed to provide a high level of

3.  SERVER UPGRADE - We have not yet been able to come up with a solution
for the memory problem that we were having a few months back with our main
server.  As a result we have been running with 256MB of RAM for the past
few months.  While this has not caused any problems or slowdowns, we need
to get this resolved.  Recently, the system has halted without any errors
being generated and we believe that it is hardware related.  We have
ordered a second server with similar configuration that we will be putting
in place so that we can take this one offline and analyze the problem in
depth.  The new server arrived today (11/08) and we will be placing it
online Thursday, November 11th at 3:00am.  We expect that the switch
should only take approximately 30 minutes.  However, during this time you
will not be able to login, send/receive e-mail or view our web site.  
Once we get the new server online you will be able to do all of that again
automatically.  This is our lowest usage time frame and that is why we have
scheduled the update for this time.

4.  VIRUSES AND HOAXES - We receive a number of messages that are forwarded
from customers about a bad virus that will destroy your computer or something
else terrible.  Although, destructive viruses do exist and you should protect
against them, a majority of these messages are hoaxes and not real.  One site
that we have found very valuable for checking if it is a real virus or not is:
and then on the left there is the Virus Hoaxes link and also the ability
to search for a "virus".  If you frequently download files or receive a number
of attachments you may want to consider purchasing and installing some 
Antivirus software.  Also, remember that it is important to update the
software on a regular basis so that it is able to find new viruses!

5.  AOL 5.0 - There have been a number of reported problems with the new
version of the America Online software version 5.0.  The problems we have
heard report range from inability to connect to your current ISP to
reinstalling all of the networking components.  One report that explains
the problem in more detail is:
If you are using America Online in addition to your dialup Internet
connection, we would suggest that you wait until a 5.1 (or similar)
version is released and that you not install version 5.0.

6.  WEB SERVER ERRORS - This item is only applicable to customers that are
storing virtual domains on our system (ie. yourdomain.com).  If you are 
unsure about this, chances are you do not have one setup and do not need to
keep reading this item.  The error message pages for your domain can be 
customized to display whatever you want, instead of the "generic" messages
that the browsers display.  As an example take a look at the following page,
which does not exist:
You can see that the error you received still has all of Excel.Net's
logos as well as links to common areas people might look for the
information they were trying to get to.  To set this up for your domain,
simply create an folder under the main directory for your domain named
"errors".  Inside this directory place files named 403.html, 404.html...
where the number corresponds to the error that you want to catch and
display a new page for.  The most common one that you will want to
change is 404 - Page not found.

7.  ADDRESS CHANGES - If you have recently relocated, please notify our
office of your new postal mailing address or telephone number, or send
an e-mail to admin@excel.net with this information.  However, our office
does not need to be notified of new modem telephone numbers.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  

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