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Excel.Net, Inc.						    March 24, 1999
			      Newsletter #21

1.  FIBER CUT - This evening, the 24th, there was another fiber cut
between Milwaukee and Chicago.  Our provider has installed a backup link
in Madison and traffic has been routed to that site.  It appears that the
volume of traffic is too large for this to handle and performance is very
poor.  We do not have an estimated time that it will be fixed yet, but we
do know that it is being worked on.  We do, however, have something for
you to do while performance is slow to the rest of the world, read on....

2.  INTERNET EXPLORER 5 - Microsoft has release Internet Explorer 5 for
the Windows platforms.  We have made it available on our server for you
to download, along with step by step instructions!  If you are interested
in downloading this from our site (something to do while the rest of the
net is slow) check out:
and select the appropriate section for you computer.  We are planning to
make the Macintosh version available for download by the end of this week
or early next week.

3.  WHITE PAGES - The telephone directories for most of the cities we are
in have MAJOR mistakes in their white page listings.  In previous years
they listed our support numbers in the directories.  Unfortunately they
have decided list the modem numbers this year.  This means if you call in
to those numbers you will receive modem noises.  The correct numbers for
support are:
		Sheboygan/Plymouth:	(920) 452-0455
		Other areas, toll-free: (888) 489-9995

4.  NEW SERVER - Now that the new server has been up and running for
a few weeks, the "kinks" have been worked out.  There are a couple of
differences in the way that the new server handles a couple of items which
we wanted to mention:

    Mail processing
    The new mail server has two new features that make it behave slightly
    different as compared to the old server.  The old server allowed you to
    use e-mail address similar to 'techsupport' (instead of having
    techsupport@excel.net) and the system would process messages, by
    adding the last part.  It will now reject your mail if you try to send
    it this way.  Also, there are some "anti-spam" features from the point
    of somebody trying to use our server to send spam.  If the mail
    program cannot verify the host you are trying to send mail to, it will
    not allow it to got through.  We have watched the log files, and this
    is happening very infrequently, so we have decided to leave this 
    enabled.  If it would happen to you, it would just seem like mail was
    not being sent out for about 90 seconds and then the mail program will
    return an error.

    This only applies if you are designing web pages that make use of 
    image maps.  The new web server has built in support for this and you 
    no longer refer to imagemaps with the /cgi-bin/imagemap?mapname.map 
    tags.  Instead simply refer to the map directly omitting the 
    /cgi-bin/imagemap? section and it will continue processing correctly.

5.  COLOR SETTINGS - Have you ever wondered why some computers the images
look much better than others?  It may be the video card or monitor, but in
a number of cases it is simply the settings on the computer.  We would
recommend that you check the number of colors set on your machine and
possibly increase this for clearer images.  See the directions below for
your system:

Windows 3.x:  First off we would suggest that you consult your manuals on
this because changing the settings improperly can make your system stop
booting Windows.  The settings are located in the Main group in the
Windows Setup program.  Select the Options/Change System Settings menu and
then adjust the Display entry.

Windows 95/98:  To change these settings simply go into your Control
Panels folder and then select the "Display" control panel.  When this window
opens up, click on the "Settings" tab.  In the Colors area set it to 16bit or
greater for higher quality images.

Macintosh:  Go into the Apple menu and then the Control Panels section.
Open up either the "Monitors" or "Monitors & Sound" control panel.  Here you
can set the number of colors.  We suggest using any of the settings
available over 256 colors.  

NOTE:  Some video cards may make changes to these areas, so you may not
see exactly what we are describing.  In that case refer to your video
adapter manual for further information.  This is simply a tip that we have
found helps some users out.  Unfortunately, our support staff cannot
answer any additional video related questions.

6.  BACK ORIFICE ELIMINATOR - Another recent "virus" which has popped up
on the Internet is a program called Back Orifice and it is only specific
to Windows 95/98 machines. It allows another machine to "take control" of
your computer, causing strange things to happen.  For more information on
this check out:
but more importantly there is a program which will protect your machine
against this.  You can find out additional information about this at:
NOTE: If you are using Windows98 and visit the Microsoft Windows Update
site it is necessary to turn this program off temporarily or it will not
be able to properly detect the updates you already have on your machine.

7.  SKA VIRUS - There is a virus spreading around the net as a file named
happy99.exe which displays fireworks when ran.  After being infected with
this virus it will attach itself to other outbound messages that you send,
replicating to other machines.  For details on it please check out:


It is always a good idea if you are downloading/running programs from the
Net that you run an AntiVirus program and that you download the updates to
your AntiVirus software on a regular basis.  This will help protect your
system from any problems which can occur.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  

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