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Excel.Net, Inc.						February 18, 1999
			      Newsletter #20

1.  REDUNDANT T1 - Excel.Net has installed an additional T1 connection
from our Fond du Lac office.  This will have two benefits for our
customers.  First this will significantly increase our bandwidth and
should provide for a faster connection for everybody as we will be able to
split the traffic.  Second, in the event that one of the connections fail
our traffic will automatically route to the other.  This should allow us
to stay running even if one link is broken!  Finally, our provider has now
installed a redundant link that from their Madison office.  This will
provide an alternate path in the event that their link from Milwaukee to
Chicago is broken (or cut as happened previously).  

2.  REBOOT SERVER - It is necessary for us to reboot the main server.
This will happen Friday, February 19th at 12:30am and will take
approximately 20 minutes.  This should not prevent people from getting
online or if you are online from going places (other than our home page).
You will not be able to send/receive mail during this period either.  This
is being done in preparation of a server upgrade which we are planning for
the very near future - more details will follow...

3.  NEW HOLSTEIN - This location should is active today February 18th and
the phone number for accessing this site is (920) 898-9130.  We will be
updating our Services page with the exact calling areas, but basically
this will cover Chilton, Kiel and New Holstein. You can view this site at:
If you have any friends or family in that area looking for Internet access
please let them know about us.  Also, make sure that you tell them to put
you in the referral section so you receive your $5 credit!

4.  ADDITIONAL LINES - We have installed 23 additional lines in Sheboygan
bringing the current total up to 230.  In addition we have placed orders
to have additional lines added to the following cities:

City		# New Lines	Total Lines After	Date
==============	===========	=================	==========
Random Lake	12		 24			02-18-1999 (Added)
Sheboygan	23		253			03-01-1999
Plymouth	24		144			03-04-1999

We perform constant monitoring of our line usage both internally and
externally and add additional capacity as needed to provide connections
with FEW if any busy signals.  We are working with GTE to try and push up
the install date on the Plymouth site, but we are not sure if that will
happen or not.

5.  NEW EMPLOYEES - We would like to introduce the newest three members of
the Excel.Net staff.  These people will be providing telephone support for
you throughout the day and we are very happy to have them working with us.
Travis will be covering the mornings during the week, Ward will be
covering the afternoons and Chris will be working Monday - Wednesday
evenings.  Here is a little bit about each of them:

Travis and his wife are both natives of Sheboygan.  He is attenting school
part time for computer networking and has been playing with computers for
about 10 years.  Other interests are paintball, bow-hunting, fantasy
football and computer gaming.

Ward recently moved to the area from Milwaukee, and is kicking himself for
not doing it sooner.  He built his first computer when 64K was an awesome
amount of RAM.  His other interests are woodworking, art and reading. Ward
also operates a computer consulting business from his home.

Chris is originally from the U.P., and moved to Sheboygan five years ago.
He is a graphic designer by day and tech support rep by night.  He enjoys
using computers, reading, getting outdoors and being with friends.

6.  INTERNET EXPLORER 4.5 FOR MACINTOSH - Microsoft has released an
updated version of the Internet Explorer browser and Outlook Express mail
program for the Macintosh.  For additional information on this see:
Please note that as browsers and other programs become more advanced the
hardware required also needs to keep up.  Before upgrading make sure to
check out the system requirements page:


and make sure your machine is capable of supporting this new version.

7.  BROWSER/SYSTEM PERFORMANCE - A friend of mine sent a couple of
interesting links that you can visit to check out your system and how it
is performing.  For those of you interested in these types of things check
out the following sites:
Note:  We are simply including these sites for you to use.  Excel.Net
technical support staff cannot provide any assistance with questions that
you might have from running these tests.  They are included for
informational purposes only.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable.  

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