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Excel.Net, Inc.						June 25, 1998
			      Newsletter #16

1.  V.90 UPGRADE - Our modem manufacturer has released a new version of
the code for their systems and we are planning to make it available right
away.  This code adds support for the v.90 standard for 56K connections
and we expect that many of you will see speed improvements.  We will begin
upgrading our machines on Friday June 26th at 11:00pm and expect the
entire upgrade to take about 1 hour.  During this time you may be knocked
offline, but should be able to immediately get back in.
    As the upgrades continue however there are some confusing issues which
have come up.  We will try to explain the different scenarios that exist. 
If you do not have a 56K modem (example:  33.6 baud or lower) you can skip
the rest of this item and move along to item 2.  If you have a K56Flex
modem and have not yet gotten the upgrade to v.90 you should still be able
to connect with us as you have in the past.  If you have an x2 (US
Robotics/3-Com, Cardinal...) modem that has been upgraded to the v.90
standard you should now be able to connect with our service at increased
speeds.  If you have not gotten the upgrade to v.90 please visit your
modem manufacturers web site and see if it is available.  Here is where it
gets confusing: there are two manufacturers of the K56Flex modem chips use
by different manufacturers:  Rockwell (Zoom, Diamond/Supra,...) and Lucent
(LT Winmodem,MultiTech,...).  Because Rockwell decided not to test their
v.90 code with the other two manufacturers our modems will not support
their v.90 until a future release.  If you have a Rockwell based modem
(ask the modem manufacturer if you do not know) we would recommend not
upgrading to the v.90 until we have support for it.  If your Rockwell
modem supports both the K56Flex and v.90 you will need to disable the v.90
at the current time.  Finally, if you have a Lucent based modem you are OK
upgrading to the v.90 as our system will support this very well.

2.  WINDOWS95 SPEEDUP - There is a setting in Windows95 called the MTU
which affects how information is transferred to your computer.  The default
setting is not optimal for modem users and recently there have been a
number of programs which allow you to change these settings.  We have
found on the few machines we have tried it on that it has improved system
performance.  When running the program, we selected all of the recommended
defaults, but you can "tweak" things as well.  The program is called
PPP-Boost and additional information about this freeware program can
be found at:
NOTE: If you are running Windows98 it is not necessary to use this program
as the settings for that operating system are supposed to be tuned

3.  JULY 4TH - Our offices will be closed Friday July 3rd at 5:00pm and
will also be closed all day Saturday the 4th.  This will allow our
employees to enjoy the holiday with their families.  We will again have
somebody in the office Sunday at 7:00pm.  If you need to get hold of us,
please leave a voice mail and we will return the call.  Have a nice

4.  ANTI-SPAM BILL - Last week the Senate passed legislation that dictates
all unsolicited commercial e-mail must contain correct header information,
a valid origination address and telephone numbers, as well as a statement
that says "remove" requests will be honored.  Violators of the law could
face fines up to $15,000 plus court costs.  This is an amendment to S. 
1618 bill.  Although this is probably a step in the right direction we do
not feel that it will stop the junk e-mail that most of us despise.
However, we would like to warn anyone sending or considering sending such
mail to reconsider in light of the new penalties!  This bill is still
waiting approval from the House.

5.  IE4.0 SERVICE PACK 1 - For those of you using Internet Explorer for
Windows95 or Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft has released an upgrade to the
browser which fixes a number of bugs.  This is the same version which will
be included in Windows98.  If you have not yet upgraded to IE 4.0 you can
visit the following site for the download:
If you are already running version 4.0 you can easily get the upgrade by
going to the Favorites menu off the Start Menu, then Software Updates and
then Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Simply follow the on screen directions
for the upgrade.  This is a fairly large upgrade so make sure that you
have plenty of time to get it installed.

6.  RELIABILITY - We believe that our system should be up ALL of the time
if possible and work towards that goal.  We have outlined a number of
items which should increase overall system uptime to a maximum.  As a step
in that direction we have added a second server for logging on.  What this
means is that if for any reason our primary server is not able to verify
your login and password we now have a second server which can take care of
that for you.  This should increase system availability in the event of a
primary system failure.  The secondary server is updated with the most
recent login information every hour so that it is always up to date.  We
will announce additional reliability/redundancy items as they are

7.  LUCENT MODEMS (AKA LT WINMODEMS) - There are a number of companies
which are using the LT Winmodems as part of their systems (IBM and HP are
two).  We have found that these 56K modems provide excellent connections
once they have been upgraded to the latest version of the modem code.
This was becoming a problem as there were MANY different version of the
code on different sites.  To help that problem Lucent has setup a main
site which will always have the latest version.  If you have this brand of
modem you will want to go to the following site and check out the
driver information section:

8.  EXTENDED LOGINS - We have noticed lately that an increasing number of
accounts have simply been staying connected.  Although our unmetered
account allows you to use as much time as you would like we would ask
that if you are not using the system that you disconnect.  We will also be
implementing a monitor in the near future that will disconnect sessions
which have been active for over 24 hours (1 day).  If you need a permanent
connection please take a look at our services page:
for dedicated access pricing.  We do not feel that this will cause any
change for the majority of our users, in fact it will most likely make
additional lines available.  This was not something we had hoped to
implement; however, we feel it will make our service a better on in the

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable. 

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