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Excel.Net, Inc.						March 29, 1998
			      Newsletter #15

1.  NEWBURG/JACKSON DIALUP - We have added two additional dialup locations
to our service.  The first is in Newburg and the second in Jackson.  The
telephone number to access the Newburg line is (414) 677-6440 and for
Jackson it is (414) 675-3980.  To find out the exact coverage areas that
each of these sites comprise, take a look at our Services Page and then
the Calling Areas section:

2.  ADDITIONAL CAPACITY - We would like to apologize to any of our
customers who have received busy signals during the evening over the past
week or so.  We have ordered 24 additional lines for both the Plymouth and
Sheboygan locations which will bring the line totals to 96 and 168
respectively.  The other cities have not yet neared their capacity, but we
will keep an eye on them.  With the switch to digital technology there is
a longer lead time in getting additional lines installed by the phone
company.  We have estimated installation dates of April 3rd for Plymouth
and March 31st for Sheboygan.  We will make better attempts in the future
to anticipate ahead of time the capacity increase needed and add lines
before the busy signals start. 

3.  PLYMOUTH/MANITOWOC PROBLEM - On Sunday March 29th we experienced a
problem with the Plymouth and Manitowoc sites.  This started about 2:45pm
and was restored approximately 3:30pm.  The router which controls the two
sites was locked up and needed to be reset.  We apologize for the brief
outage that was experienced.

4.  56K MODEM STANDARD - The standard for 56K modems has been voted on and
will get final approval this fall.  However, even before it is finalized a
number of the modem manufacturers are putting out upgrades.  The new
standard is known as v.90 and you will want to get the upgrade if you have
a 56K modem when your manufacturer makes it available.  We will be
upgrading our modems to the standard on Tuesday, March 31st when our
manufacturer makes the code available.  The upgrade will take place
Wednesday morning, April 1st (no fooling) at 12:30am.  If you are online
at this point you will briefly be disconnected and afterwards should be
able to reconnect.  For our customers using K56Flex modems there should
not be any problems.  The new modem code will support both v.90 and
K56Flex at the same time.  This means that even if you have not
upgraded your modem, you will still be able to connect at the higher
rates as you have been.  You will want to still upgrade at some point
though for maximum compatibilitty.  For our customers using x2 technology
make sure and upgrade your modems to the v.90 standard so that you are
able to take advantage of the higher connect rates with our service.  US
Robotics/3Com, one of the largest x2 modem manufacturers, has the upgrade
available for download on their website:

5.  IE 4.0 FOR WINDOWS 3.X - Microsoft has released Internet Explorer
version 4.0 for Windows 3.x machines.  If you are interested in finding
out more about the features that are included with this please check out
their site at:
If you do not want all the details about the program but are interested in
downloading it you can go directly to:
Be warned this is a fairly large program and will take a fair amount of
time to download.

6.  NEW EMPLOYEE - We have recently expanded our staff so that we are able
to maintain a high level of customer support, with even longer office
hours. Our newest employee will be working afternoons and evenings from
1pm-7pm Monday through Thursday and 1pm-5pm of Fridays.  This means that
we will be straight through from 8am until 10pm Monday through Thursday to
handle calls!  We would like to welcome Jay to our staff.  Just so that
all of you can get to know him, we asked him to share a little bit
about himself.  Here is what he said: 

Jay has been interested in computer technology for many years. He taught
himself how to get around in DOS and progressed up through Windows 3.1 and
Windows 95.  Jay is also a hairdresser, along with his wife.  Together
they own and operate a salon in Sheboygan. 

	We are excited to be bringing Jay on board and expect that he will
provide you with a high level of support in the afternoons.

7.  NETSCAPE FREE - Netscape has decided to make their browsers freely
available for downloading and use.  Previously you were able to download
the software freely, but were supposed to register it except in certain
instances.  They have removed these restrictions and it can now be
downloaded for free.  To download either Navigator or Communicator visit
their home page at:
Follow the Netscape Download link.

8.  WEB COUNTER RESET - If you are using the counter file that we provide
for your pages, we now have an online form to use for resetting it back to
zero.  The reset page is located at:
If you have a web page on our system and are interested in adding a
counter we have additional information available at:

9.  PHONE SYSTEM - We are installing a new telephone system at our
offices which will allow us greater flexibility in handling calls.
Although we anticipate that the transition to this system will be
invisible on your end, we just wanted to let everybody know.  We will
still have a number of lines for support calls, and if we are all on the
line a voice messaging system available.  If you receive the voice mail,
please leave a message with your name and number and we will be sure to
get back to you in a prompt manner.

	Thank you for taking the time to look this over.  If you have any 
comments or suggestions for future newsletters please feel free to let us 
know by e-mailing techsupport@excel.net.  We appreciate your business and
hope that your Internet experience is enjoyable. 

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